Concerned Bikers Association (CBA)


Membership Application



Yearly dues for new members:  Single = $25, Couples = $35

(Yearly renewal dues: Single = $25, Couples = $35)


Membership is encouraged for riders of ALL makes and ALL models.


Date __________________ New  ________ Renewal ________






City ____________________ State  _______ Zip  ___________


Phone (_____) _______________ Email  __________________


Age______ Occupation    _______________ Average Miles driven per year    _________


Any other Motorcycle Affiliations (clubs, organizations, MROs)    ______________________


Are you a registered voter?    ________


I understand by signing my name to this application, I am seeking membership into a brotherhood, united in freedom for all bikers rights. Toward that end, I will follow the meaning of that word. I also understand that the CBA cannot assume responsibility for any aspect of my safety. I understand that my participation in any CBA activity is strictly voluntary and further, I release the CBA or any CBA member from any loss to my person or property.




Please mail completed application to:


PO Box 408 Apex, NC 27502

(919) 363-8662