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Five Lousy Bucks ...

Dear Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

I have exciting news!

Itís been a long time coming but North Carolina finally has a political action committee exclusively for motorcyclists.

NC BikePAC is a political action committee created to help further the legislative goals of the motorcyclists of North Carolina. In addition to providing a convincing argument for supporting our issues, we must be ready to demonstrate our support of those legislators who choose to back our legislative issues.

Most motorcycling organizationsí nonprofit status does not allow the expenditure of great amounts of its budget on lobbying activities, to make direct monetary donations to candidates or to write letters of endorsement for a particular candidate. NC BikePAC can do all these things and more. NC BikePAC is open to everyone interested in motor-cycling. Supporting NC BikePAC makes you an active participant in the political process that affects you directly. This political action committee will represent the interests of the motorcyclists of North Carolina and only the motorcyclists of North Carolina.

Please take a few minutes to look over the BikePAC brochure on this web page. You can become a charter member and qualify for a specially designed patch by joining before May 18, 2004. The opportunity to become a charter member has been extended from January 31 due to popular demand. This offer will not be extended again so join early. Those who joined by January 31, 2004 will receive an additional acknowledgement of their commitment to the cause.

Join your BikePAC and let Raleigh know that we mean business!

If you have any questions, please phone me at 910-754-2304 or email me. The address is

Deb Knox
Treasurer, NC BikePAC